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To accelerate the growth of a business and diversify supply, branding solution is often to acquire or merge with a competitor that has a complementary jurisdiction. But once the process is completed, what to do with your brand strategy? How to integrate change without rushing your loyal customers? You basically have 3 choices:

Brand up!

Preserve your identity and mark your place. Your branding receives no extra boost from the merger. We at EMsolutions minimize the negative consequences. Get a quote today!

Parallel Branding

A branding change affects three groups: customers, employees and investors. The loyalty of each of them is at stake and must be preserved toensure the success of the transformation.

Brand Content

Branded content, and even branded program:the words do not fail to describe this basic marketing trend of bringing brands tocommunicate in the way of the media.

The Brand Content

At EMsolutions, we believe the brand content differs from advertising in its form. Our brand content is designed to attract the note of the brand target to raise interest, desire and urge to action.

Powerful SEO Tool

The creation of branded content and search engine optimization rests on a foundation of common keywords. Quality content generates quality backlinks for SEO quality. Content on social media is a factor increasingly impacting.

Logo Designing

Logos, as you know, play a major part in branding. A logo is the concept, symbol or graphic element that represents the function or the main orientation of a company, of a site or product. A good logo instantly connects people with the product.

Corporate Identity

A corporate identity consists of a set of elements to identify a company or institution. It holds on the brand, brand name, emblem, color, typography etc.


Advertise your special events or big sale with eye-catching brochures. EMsolutions is the partner for all types of visual communications. We are not happy in just printing, our mission is to support your project, from design to the supplies.


The poster advertising allows you to be seen by a wide audience. It is very much used by business communication media. With our wide range of signage and posters, your customers can choose those that best fit their needs.

Social Media

In the current picture, Social Media is the king! It is true that the objective of a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram often increase traffic on its site, to expand its community and logically reputation. But how to nail it and make sure the impact of their posts?

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