Get ahead with your campaign via strategic email marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly the best way to interconnect, edify, or simply keep in touch with your prospects or your users ivia an email. We at EMsolutions, talk about oriented email marketing.

Cut the norms

Many think that email marketing is dead; they are wrong. You will see how and why email can turn the tide of marketing your plant and help you succeed your campaign emailing BtoB successfully. In a volume approach and reputation several registration operations, push, recovery, upsell, each account optimization, it’s the check list we provide you for your email marketing.

How do we do it

Modern email campaigns require careful segmentation to meet and engage with current users and leadn potentials throughout the customer life cycle. Calibrated email marketing can take your business to the next level increasing your overall conversions, succeed the grip of a new user, continue to educate and engage customers with upturn customer satisfaction, and the icing on the subject: passing a client on a higher plane.

Statistics and tips

46% of professionals receive on average 20-50 emails per day.
23% of them over 20 advertising emails.
56% have access from their smartphone and 26% of the tablet.
64% of players check their emails (also) between the morning and 70% in the evening.

Purpose of Email Marketing

The object is even more important. It is the title of your email campaign with a goal: make people want to open the email.
The length of the object to be controlled.
You must correlate it with the click rate, which ultimately is the most important.

Why you Need an Email Marketing for your Business

Increased revenue
Brand visibility
High ROI
Boost your reputation

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