8 Reasons Why You Need a Web Strategy

April 25, 2017

Today, all entrepreneurs are aware that having a presence on the web has a role to play in the success of their organization. For some, having a beautiful website helps to strengthen the company’s image and increase the credibility of the organization.


Although this finding is true, the power of the web is much greater than that. Indeed, the web not only allows you to assert the image of your brand among people who know you or have heard about you but also to create new business opportunities with people who are looking for solutions to their problems.

From traditional marketing to digital marketing

The digital world, data, intelligence, web … These words all have a meaning that has grown in recent years. Indeed, the availability of online information has led to a significant change in behavior among consumers so that today they do the majority of their online research information.


The web is not only beneficial for the user, who has access to a vast amount of information about the solutions available; companies can also find their account! Here are four points on which digital marketing represents an improvement over traditional marketing:

  • Customizing communications: while traditional media such as newspapers, radio or billboards can target the critical mass of the population to some variables closely, the web allows you to target your actions more precisely in terms of locating, Age, gender or other variables that you feel are relevant, such as a visitor’s browsing history.
  • Performance measurement: Before the web, it was very difficult to establish a causal relationship between a sale and promotional investment. How do you determine if a sale is assigned to a billboard or newspaper ad? With the web, it is possible to know exactly where your prospective customers came from and thus know which investment has worked best. It is even possible to develop allocation models when a user is targeted by several initiatives before performing a conversion!
  • The flexibility of Investments: with traditional marketing, how to get advertising investments is to sign agreements with suppliers with the necessary infrastructure to give you visibility. On the web, you have control over your investments and can easily adjust your investments based on the benefits they generate. You can always base your decisions on the data you accumulate!
  • The diversity of communication channels: with traditional media, it is hard to keep your potential customer through its entire customer journey.

Why You Need a Web Strategy?

Investing on the web obviously has undeniable advantages, but it is not enough to have a web presence in order to succeed. Without adapting your marketing initiatives to the changing needs of your consumers and your business objectives, you will have a hard time magically getting results! Here are the main reasons why you need to frame your web marketing activities with an integrated strategy:


1- Give a clear direction to your actions

2- Better understand what the web can bring to you

3- Do not lose ground against your competitors

4- Know the behavior of your consumers

5- Propose a solution at all stages of the client’s journey

6- Creating synergies between the web and off-line activities

7- Allocate the right amount of resources to your web component

8- Optimize your solutions!

When web marketing initiatives are focused on specific goals, it is easy to measure the performance of each and to make informed decisions about resource reallocation. Without an integrated strategy, it is much more difficult to see which initiative best meets the defined objectives! In short, web marketing offers new opportunities that were not possible before with traditional media. But, would you really be able to profit from it without an integrated web strategy?