Samsung Adopts Google Play Music As Default Audio Player

April 29, 2017

It was necessary that Samsung made a decision. This is now done: Samsung completely abandons Milk Music and adopts Google Play Music as its default audio player. This collaboration starts from the Galaxy S8 and will concern all mobiles of the brand.


Music on the smartphone has experienced a real upheaval since the arrival of Apple Music: from then on, consumers have become more aware of the interest to subscribe to an unlimited offer in 2016, streaming was the first source of revenue for the phonographic industry worldwide.


The owners of smartphones are therefore consumers. But, as we recalled earlier, Samsung did not show any ambition in the field. There was Milk Music. But, ultimately, it will just Google.

Play Music by default

In a press release released on the occasion of the commercial release of the two Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, the Korean firm said it had chosen to partner with the Mountain View firm and promote the audio service of this company the last. From the two flagships of 2017 and for all the smartphones (and tablets) that will come out later (those that will logically be delivered with Android 7.1 Nougat, which is why the Galaxy Ax (2017) are not yet concerned), the audio player By default will be Google Play Music. But it will not be integrated into the interface.


The Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + or Galaxy Tab S3 (as well as the brand’s future premium mobile phones) buyers benefit from a three-month unlimited music Premium offer from Google). A catalog of 40 million songs. Access to Youtube Red ( YouTube’s paid, non-advertising offer) is included in the three-month trial period. The release does not say whether this offer can be combined with the basic Google Play Music trial offer.

Additional services for Samsung customers

Part of the partnership, the number of songs that listeners can add to their online music collection is doubled for all Samsung mobile owners. It is, therefore, possible to upload up to 100,000 songs in order to complete the Google offer (because some specific music styles are not very well covered by contracts signed by the Mountain View firm with record companies). Samsung explains that other exclusive services will be offered to its customers. But they are not specified in the release.


This partnership with Google is primarily marketing and commercial. It is not for Samsung to create an exclusive service (like Apple Music) or to customize an existing service. In fact, Samsung simply chose his side. This could be Spotify or Deezer, both services being available virtually anywhere in the world.


But Samsung has chosen simplicity. Especially since it brushes Google in the direction of the hair. This is never really useless because the relationship between Samsung and the American firm has not always been simple, especially about pre-installed applications, the positioning of Google icons and the Touchwiz interface in general.