Tips To Better Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

May 11, 2017

Converting a visitor means bringing a person who visits your site to do the action you want. For example, for an e-commerce site this is going to be to buy a product. This is the ultimate goal of your site to create conversion. For this, it is very important to optimize your conversion.


For example:

  • Without optimization of the conversion: 1000 visitors = 1 telephone contact or form
  • With optimization: 1000 visitors = 5 telephone contacts or form.
  • With the same traffic, you increase your turnover.

Here are some tips to better convert your visitors:


  • Linking Value

If you want visitors to click on your links, make them stand out! Change the size, color, underline, bold, put a relevant anchor, etc. To see your links and click on them.

  • Create eye-catching buttons

Buttons are important to make a click. If you create buttons with unattractive colors or insipid texts, you will not get many clicks Add buttons to your page so that visitors click on it and are redirected to the desired page. With Google Analytics, you can view the status of your conversions and increase them.

Can you optimize the Content of Website?


  • Focus on practical content


This is fine theory, but visitors will be more interested in your site if there is content practical and useful for them. They will be more likely to recommend you or come back if needed.

  • Adding text to its content image or video


  • Update old content

Google likes that there is new on the sites. So when you update old content, it takes this into account and judges that you take good care of your site. As a result, your site goes up in the Google ranking. 

How to Make An Inventory Of your SEO?

Before starting the SEO of your site, it is first necessary to make an inventory of the places, to check the state of its current SEO. Here are some criteria to check:


  • The quality of your site’s content
  • The Meta tags (the “meta title” and “meta descriptions” tags it’s the title and description that are displayed in the search engines). The optimization of these tags is very important because it is the first impression that others have on your site in the search engine.
  • The positioning of your pages in search engines
  • The quality of netlinking (links made to your site)
  • The quality of internal links (internal mesh)


To verify all this, you can help several tools that will be very useful to optimize its SEO if you have a minimum of expertise in SEO. Otherwise, it is preferable to contact a natural referencing agency (contact an SEO expert or an SEO agency will always be more efficient) or a web agency to reference its site.