What Is Responsible Marketing: Implementing And Managing An Operational Strategy

May 15, 2017

The ambition to become the leading brand integrates the challenges to evolve a business. There are few examples that show the integration of sustainable development in the marketing strategy of companies.


  • Sustainable Development and CSR Radically Renews Marketing Approaches

Strong growth of responsible consumer sensitivity, numerous regulations related to sustainable development, CSR, consumers’ defiance of brands and new consumer attitudes (“consuming better means consuming less”), going beyond simple, new tools for analyzing customer behavior … all these factors are opportunities for innovation, new markets to conquer, and even for renewing the business model of the company and the role of its marketing function.


  • The Choice Of Responsible Marketing Strategy Is Decisive

Focusing on a product or a complete range of solutions is a part of a progressive strategy. It’s a strategy of rupture by radically transforming any business model into a new market research strategy or a survival strategy. 

  • Niche, Flagship Product, Complete Range … Progressive Strategy Or Rupture?

Responsible marketing allows us to develop the most appropriate scenarios for the company’s situation, to revisit the complete value chain of development to design, to choose its strategy and the pace of its implementation, then to translate it into operational marketing and to evolve it according to the results obtained.


  • The new tools and methodologies are changing marketing mix and the profession of marketers

The new demands of consumers and civil society, combined with strong regulatory changes in environmental and social responsibility, pose a challenge for marketers.

Marketers are led to rethink their business in order to fully understand the impact of the integration of CSR on marketing mix (product, price, communication), to integrate into their offerings the new expectations of the consumer ownership, accessibility, education, traceability on conditions, etc. and professionalize on methods, standards and associated design, business brand cycle analysis.


It is under these conditions that responsible marketing allows the brand and the company to realize profits in terms of image, the creation of financial and non-financial value, innovations in products and services, customer relations.