Will The Wireless Charging Soon Be Standard In Apple IPhone

May 3, 2017

Unlike Samsung’s high-end smartphones, the iPhone has never been compatible with a wireless charging technology. But this could change. Rumors about the integration of a fast loading technology in iPhone have existed for several years. First because the main competitor of Apple, Samsung, integrates it into the Galaxy Sx and the Galaxy Note for several years.


This year, the Galaxy S8 is not only capable of supporting both market standards (Airfuel and Qi), but the efficiency of the charging has even improved, significantly reducing the charging times. Samsung is not the only one to support the Qi standard: BlackBerry, Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei or HTC also use it. In short, everyone.

The wireless charge from the next iPhone?

For six months, this hypothesis has become more and more concrete. First, there was the poaching of some engineers from uBeam. Then there was the many exchanges between Apple and Energous between September and December (and certainly a little later).


Not to mention Apple’s membership in the Wireless Power Consortium in February. The latter manages in particular the technical and commercial development of the Qi standard (the one that is the most widely adopted in mobility).


As per rumor, it is the arrival of a new administrator. The company says Apple would have claimed that the wireless load will become a standard feature in the upcoming iPhone, undoubtedly leading to massive democratization of technology. Of course, neither a press release nor any official statement from Tim Cook or his team implied that. But Powermat is a company that manufactures iPhone accessories. Maybe an announcement was made. But not publicly. It remains to be seen if this is not the fact of speculation.

Tracks, but nothing very concrete

Many analysts, including those from KGI Securities and JP Morgan, say Apple will integrate wireless charging technology into future iPhone. The numerous signs cited above confirm this. The change of design for the iPhone 8 (or iPhone Pro) with the return of the mineral glass in the shell, which would facilitate the passage of induction (technology used by Airfuel or Qi).


The exchanges with uBeam, Energous, as well as Broadcom, according to JP Morgan. Membership in the WPC consortium. It remains to be seen what solution Apple will adopt. Because of this depends on the close or distant arrival of this type of function in the iPhone.