Windows 10: The Five Practical Functions Of The Creators

April 27, 2017

The new Windows 10 update brings new features. We guide you step by step to use the five most convenient functions. Among the innovations offered by the new major update of Windows 10, one finds among others, an improved Edge Internet browser and Paint 3D, a program to easily design scenes in 3D.


The operating system also has new features to make your life easier. Here are the five most interesting picks!

1. To Do Some Storage In The Start Menu

It is now possible to group the tiles together. Click the Start menu to view them. Then click on one of the tiles and, keeping the mouse button pressed, move it on another tile. This automatically creates a group with thumbnails of the two tiles you have just grouped. It is then possible to move other tiles in the group by the same process.


2. To Ungroup The Tiles

  • Game Mode Windows 10 improves the display of games by granting them more resources. To do this, simply activate Game Mode.
  • Click on the group to display all the tiles it contains.
  • Then click on the tile you are interested in and drag it to another place to release it.
  • Click the Start menu button and then the Gear icon to display the Windows settings.
  • Then click on the games icon with the Xbox logo.
  • In the list on the left, click Game Mode.
  • Then switch the Use Gaming Mode switch to ‘On’.

3. Dynamic Locking

 Windows 10 offers an original feature that locks the computer automatically when you are away. To do this, the system monitors the Bluetooth connection with a mobile device, for example your smartphone.


  • Locking occurs as soon as the connection is broken for more than 30 seconds.
  • To use this function, you must first establish the Bluetooth connection between the two devices.
  • To do this, click the Devices icon in the settings, and then click Add Bluetooth device or other device.
  • In the list that appears, click on your smartphone and confirm in Windows the validation code that appears on its screen.
  • The Bluetooth connection is established.
  • Then click the Accounts icon in the Windows settings, and then click the Connection Options in the left list.
  • Simply check the Dynamic Lock box to activate the function.

4. The Mini Video Player 

If you want to watch a video while continuing to do something else, Windows 10 has a handy mini video player. To use it, you must first update the Movies and TV application.


  • Type Windows Store in the search bar near the Start menu, and then select Movies and TV in the application store.
  • Then click the Update button.
  • Launch your video with the Movies and TV app and click the mini player mode button.
  • The app is transformed into a small window that always remains in the foreground.
  • It is then possible to move it, or even to change its size.

5. Night mode 

If you often use your computer before falling asleep, it is possible to limit the emission of blue light, which is harmful to sleep. To activate this night light, go to Settings and click the System icon.